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Bring Back the Joys of Yahtzee at Home!

What is Yahtzee? It’s a board game by Milton Bradley that in turn has turned in the rights to the game to toy giant Hasbro. It was first called Yatzie in the 1940s, which in turn is part of a set of games called “LUCK – 15 Grand Dice Games”. In short, it’s one of many dice games that became popular enough to survive all the way to the 21st Century in online browser game form. Ever wanted to play yahtzee online? This is your golden chance! You need to know how Yahtzee is played though. It’s a game that requires you to roll five dice to make certain dice combinations that will score you points. The person who scores the most wins. You can roll the dice up to three times every turn to make various combinations for scoring. It’s a thirteen round game.

Video Game versus Board Game

  • Differences: The videogame is much more automated and interactive. The board game requires you to keep score and whatnot. You can play Yahtzee Online at any place and anytime where you have a cellphone and an Internet connection. The interactivity of the browser game version of Yahtzee actually adds to the game’s fun factor because now you can concentrate on scoring. Just be wary of the Random Number (or Dice) Generator that’s not really that random and can be quite predictable.
  • Marketing of Yahtzee: It was Edwin S. Lowe who marketed the Yatzie game under the new Yahtzee name in 1956. If you don’t know who low is, he’s an intrepid gaming entrepreneur who also helped Bingo develop a market in the U.S. composed of retirees and senior citizens finding ways to fill up their time in bingo halls. The game is the product of earlier dice games like Generala, Yacht, and Poker Dice. It shares similarities to the popular Scandinavian game Yatzy.
  • The Thirteen Rounds: You have thirteen rounds in a game of Yahtzee comprised of any number of players. Every round each player rolls the five dice for about three times. In every round, the players choose which scoring category will be used for the round. After a category is chosen, it can’t be utilized again. You’ll be eliminating scoring categories all throughout the rounds. Every category has different values in points, some of which are dependent on dice values while others are fixed values.
  • “Yahtzee!”: You scream “Yahtzee!” when you get to score 50 points with a five-of-a-kind dice combination. It’s also your quickest way to score the most points, which is the main object of this dice game. Whenever someone gets the Yahtzee, he’s able to cut the score deficit against other players if he’s behind or get a comfortable lead if he’s in the middle. He’s practically assured victory if he’s leading then he suddenly gets the Yahtzee.

History of the Yahtzee Intellectual Property

Yahtzee the videogame or browser game is the exact same game as its board game counterpart but with more online matches from strangers and a faster pace since you don’t have to keep score (the computer is keeping score for you). It was originally marketed under this name from 1956-1973. In 1975, Milton Bradley bought the E.S. Lowe Company including all its properties. It happened again with Hasbro when the rights to Yahtzee when to them. They’re the ones receiving royalties for the videogame version, of course.